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What Are Great Ways To Improve Your Driving Skills

What Are Great Ways To Improve Your Driving Skills | Pass First Go

If you’re a learner driver or even a P plater in NSW, VIC, or ACT, you may be wondering how you can improve your driving skills and become a safer and better driver. Here are a few top tips from Pass First Go that are sure to help you get better at driving as you continue your journey toward a full driver’s licence.

1. Get Some Experience Parallel Parking

Parallel parking isn’t always on driving tests, but can always be thrown in by your examiner. It’s also often the only option when parking in busy cities, so it’s very useful to be able to parallel park properly.

In addition, parallel parking helps you become more familiar with how your car responds when reversing, its total size, and your position on the road. This can help with a lot of other driving maneuvers, such as backing into parking spaces and making three-point turns.

2. Practice Proper Spacing With Cars In Front Of You

The vehicle in front of you should always be 3 seconds ahead of your own car to ensure you have time to react if they slam on their brakes, swerve, or make another such maneuver.

To practice this, look at the car in front of you, and pick a landmark that it passes, such as a road sign. Then, start counting. You should arrive at that landmark 3 seconds after the car in front of you passed it.

3. Keep Your Hands In The Proper Position

Keeping your hands at either “10 and 2” or “9 and 3” ensures you can always respond properly to any on-road situation. Driving with one hand or a low hand position can make it harder to turn your car quickly.

4. Get Experience Driving In Inclement Weather & At Night

New drivers are often nervous about driving at night and during bad weather like rain or fog. But it’s a good idea to get some experience driving during these conditions. Remember to use your lights properly, slow down when road conditions are dangerous, and to follow other safe driving principles during night driving and inclement weather.

5. Practice Looking 10-15 Seconds Ahead Of Your Car

Becoming a good driver is about being proactive, rather than reactive. In other words, you always must be prepared to respond to a dangerous road situation before it happens.

One great way to practice this is by looking not just at the car in front of you, but also much further down the road. You should be looking about half a kilometre in front of you on a highway or country road, and 3 blocks ahead of you in the city.

This usually puts your car at about 10-15 seconds away from where you’re looking. By scanning further ahead and also looking at the cars in front of you, you can gain a better understanding of obstacles, other drivers, upcoming traffic signs and lights, and more – and be better prepared for any on-road situation.

The Best Way To Improve Your Driving Skills Is With Professional Lessons!

If you really want to improve your driving, working with a driving instructor is the best option. With professional driving instruction, you can address your specific weaknesses and learn more about safe, defensive driving techniques in ACT, NSW, or VIC.

To learn more and book a session with an instructor, visit Pass First Go online now. We have a large network of instructors who are always ready to help you become a better driver, so get started right away.

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