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Best Places To Learn To Drive In Melbourne

Wondering where you should have driving lessons in Melbourne? You’ll need 120 hours of practice to get your licence in Victoria – and if you want to drive safely, it’s important to start slow, and learn the basics in a safe environment. Here are a few of our suggestions for the best places to learn to drive in Melbourne as you work toward your P plates and full driving licence.

1. School & Uni Car Parks Throughout Melbourne On Evenings & Weekends

You can practice at pretty much any school or uni car park in Melbourne later in the evenings and on the weekends. Two of the most popular destinations are the Victoria University St. Albans campus and Monash University.

2. Chadstone Shopping Centre Before Opening Hours

If you’re looking to get some driving practice earlier in the morning, Chadstone Shopping Centre is always a popular destination for learner drivers as long as you arrive before opening hours. You’ll have plenty of wide open space where you can practice the basics of driving, parking, and more.

3. Industrial Areas Throughout Melbourne On Weekends

Once you’re feeling a bit more confident about your abilities to drive and can move onto public roads, it’s a good idea to drive around some industrial areas in Melbourne on the weekends, like the Dandenong south industrial area. This lets you get some more experience on the road without dealing with a bunch of traffic.

4. Housing Estates & Suburbs Around Melbourne

You should also try to get some experience driving in areas where you may encounter cars and foot traffic – but won’t feel completely overwhelmed. That means you should visit a few of the suburbs and housing estates throughout Melbourne.

You won’t have to deal with too much traffic, particularly during the middle of the day, so this is a great way to log some more hours and build up your driving skills.

5. Mount Dandenong

Mount Dandenong is a great place to learn how to drive on hills and in a more rural, sparsely-populated area. There’s not too much traffic, and the scenery isn’t half bad, either – making this a great place to visit when you’ve spent some time on the roads and have built up your driving skills a bit.

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