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Top Spots To Learn How To Drive In Wagga Wagga

Top Spots To Learn How To Drive In Wagga Wagga | Pass First Go Blog

Learning to drive in Wagga Wagga, NSW? The process can be quite intimidating for learner drivers. And whether you’ve logged 0, 25, or 50 of your 120 hours of required driving, you may be wondering where you can practise your driving skills in the area.

In this guide from Pass First Go, get our recommendations for the top spots to learn how to drive in Wagga Wagga.

1. Beginner Drivers – School Car Parks In Wagga Wagga

To the south of Wagga Wagga, there are quite a few school car parks like Wagga Wagga High School, Kooringal Public School, Red Hill Public School, and Lake Albert Public School, to name just a few.

We recommend that you begin your driving practice in a school car park during the weekend or later in the evening. Most of the time, the car parks will be nearly completely abandoned, with few cars or even pedestrians.

This means you can focus exclusively on the basics of driving and operating your vehicle correctly, and you won’t have to worry about accidents, breaking road rules, and other such concerns.

2. Intermediate Drivers – Springvale, San Isidore & Other Outlying Areas

Once you’re familiar with the basics of operating your car, it’s time to start driving on public roads. Since you probably won’t be too comfortable driving in the middle of Wagga Wagga or driving on the highway, it’s best to head out to a rural, outlying area like Springvale or San Isidore.

There is not too much traffic in these areas, and there is a good combination of higher-speed rural roads and lower-speed neighbourhood roads, so you can get a variety of practice as you build up your confidence behind the wheel.

3. Expert Drivers – A20, A41 & Nearby The Service NSW Testing Centre On Fox St.

If you’ve got quite a bit of driving experience, you can start driving on the A20 or A41 to get experience on highways. We definitely recommend this because the Service NSW testing centre is near the highway A20 and A41 interchange, so it’s likely you’ll go on the highway during your test.

Speaking of which, drivers with a lot of experience may want to begin driving around central Wagga Wagga, near the Service NSW testing centre that’s located on Fox Street. You’ll get more experience driving in a denser, high-traffic area, and you can familiarize yourself with the driving routes and areas you may end up driving through during your drive test.

If you’re more familiar with the area of the test, you’re less likely to make errors or serious mistakes during the drive test, and you can take it with more confidence.

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