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Learning to drive during COVID-19?

Learning to drive during COVID-19? | Pass First Go

Learning to drive during the Covid-19 pandemic? Here’s everything you need to know.

All this time on your hands and nowhere to go? Driving lessons have been deemed an important public service, and as such are able to go ahead despite the social distancing restrictions.

There are various restrictions regarding when you can drive and in what states, have a look at this summary to find what’s allowed in your state:

  • South Australia: There are technically no restrictions on travelling within South Australia, but you should have an ‘essential reason’ for any trip you may take.
  • Victoria: Anything ‘non-essential’ with regards to trips and driving is considered ‘irresponsible’ but there are no technical rules in place.
  • ACT: You can now travel to NSW, but be aware you’ll need to abide by the stricter NSW restrictions!
  • Western Australia: there are regional travel restrictions across Western Australia, you need to have a good reason for going for any big drives.
  • New South Wales: There needs to be an ‘essential reason’ for you to leave the house, and driving lessons/learning to drive are considered as such.
  • Northern Territory: There are minimal restrictions, especially on driving in the Northern Territory, just remember to take care.
  • Queensland: You can go where you want, when you want – just make sure you’re within 50km from home

What about my test?

If your licence expires during the 2 month period of shutdown for the RMS, your first DKT fee will be waived (if you have to attempt again unfortunately you’ll need to pay).

It hasn’t been announced quite yet as to what the plan is when tests resume, if you had your test cancelled due to the shut-down, you should be a priority to rebook your test.

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