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How Many Driving Lessons Do I Need

How Many Driving Lessons Do I Need | Pass First Go

Thinking about getting professional lessons from a driving instructor in ACT, NSW, or VIC? Wondering how many driving lessons you should get from a driving school? The number of lessons that learner drivers need before their driving test can vary quite a bit, depending on their driving skills, how long they’ve been learning to drive, and some other factors.

So, how many lessons do you need to pass the test and stay confident behind the wheel? Here are a few recommendations from Pass First Go.

You Should Get At Least 10 Hours Of In-Car Driving Instruction

We highly recommend that you get at least 10 hours of professional driving instruction from a certified instructor. Why? Because it saves you time – and makes you a safer, more confident driver.

First, to take your driving test, get your P plates, and drive solo for the first time, you will need to fill your log book with 120 hours of supervised driving (NSW and VIC). To make sure you know how to drive at different times of day, this includes 20 hours of night driving with a supervising driver. In ACT, learner drivers under 25 are required to complete 100 supervised driving hours, 10 of these supervised hours being at night time. Learners who are 25 or over are required to complete 50 supervised driving hours, 5 of these supervised hours being at night time.

This is a lot of time spent behind the wheel. But if you get practical driving instruction from a licenced driving instructor in NSW or ACT, you’ll be able to log 3 hours for each hour you spend behind the wheel, up to 30 hours (10 hours of in-car instruction).

Note that if you are driving at night with a professional instructor, you will still only get 1 hour of night driving credit – the extra 2 hours will be added to your daytime driving hours.

This helps you get your Ps faster – and professional supervision from a licenced driving instructor will help decrease your crash risk, help you feel comfortable driving on different types of roads (like highways), and ensure you learn safe driving habits that will stick with you for the rest of your life.

We Recommend Taking Driving Lessons Until You Feel Comfortable With Your Skills

After you’ve had 10 hours of professional in-car driving instruction, you can no longer claim 3-to-1 logbook hours – but you can continue normally logging each hour you spend with a driving instructor, just like you would with any other supervising driver.

Gaining confidence behind the wheel and feeling comfortable on the road can be very difficult for learner drivers, and working with a professional instructor can help you learn more about road rules and safe driving compared to driving with a supervising driver such as a parent or relative. So, if you still feel like you need additional instruction after you’ve spent 10 hours with a professional, we highly recommend booking more lessons.

Whether you don’t yet feel confident in your driving skills, or you just want to make sure you pass your driving test first go, additional instruction can be very helpful. You should continue taking lessons until you feel great about your driving skills – and are ready to tackle the driving test and get your Ps in ACT, NSW, or VIC!

Contact Pass First Go Now To Get The Driving Instruction You Need

Whether you’d just like 10 hours of instruction to fill out your log book more quickly, or you simply want to learn to be the best driver you can be, working with a professional driving instructors from Pass First Go is a great option. To get started, find and instructor online and schedule your first lesson!



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