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Common Driving Test Mistakes To Avoid When Getting Your Ps

Common Driving Test Mistakes To Avoid When Getting Your Ps | PFG

If you’re a learner driver looking to get your Ps in ACT, NSW, or VIC, you may be nervous about your practical driving test. Learner drivers often fail the driving test the first time they try, and while it’s possible to pass on your first go, it’s not always easy!

So, what can you do to make sure you get your Ps and pass first go? Here are a few common driving mistakes you can avoid on your test to give yourself a better chance of passing on your first try.

1. Not Studying Up On Road Rules In Your Region

Even a small error, such as not realising that you have to yield to a merging vehicle on a highway, can lead to your testing officer taking points off during your test. You need to know road rules in your area, and how you’re expected to react to the actions of other road users.

So grab your road rules handbook and start studying. The more you know, the better you will be able to react in unexpected situations! Driving knowledge is just as important as driving skills.

2. Exceeding (Or Driving Under) The Speed Limit

While you won’t immediately be stopped if you’re going 1-2 km/h over the posted speed limit, you should still avoid doing so, if possible – it’s up to the officer whether or not to take points away for slightly exceeding the speed limit.

You also should not drive far under the speed limit. This is surprisingly common among nervous learner drivers. Try to relax, and follow the speed limit exactly – going too slow can also result in failing the test.

3. Not Executing Proper Observation Checks (Head Checks)

You need to perform a head check – physically turning your head to check your blind spot – whenever you change your position on the road, and before you begin driving after coming to a stop. This includes situations like:

  • Stopping at stop signs and traffic lights
  • Before leaving a parking space
  • When merging onto a road
  • When changing lanes on a road
  • When exiting a roundabout or a highway

Check your blind spot regularly, and don’t forget about checking your mirrors, either. Check your rear and side-view mirrors every 5-8 seconds. Being aware of what’s happening around you during your test will help you avoid common mistakes.

4. Failing To Fully Stop At Stop Signs Or Red Lights

Never “roll through” a stop sign. Always come to a full and complete stop. This applies to red lights, too, even if you are able to turn right on red. You can’t “roll through” the light and turn on red before stopping completely, or you may be penalized.

5. Not Practicing Reverse Parking

Reverse parking is not always part of the test, but the testing officer can add it at their discretion. This maneuver can be difficult, but failing to perform it properly could result in failing the test. We recommend practicing reverse parking until you know you can perform it without any issues, just in case it’s part of your test.

A Driving Instructor Can Help You Avoid Common Mistakes & Pass First Go!

With driving lessons from a driving school in VIC, ACT, or NSW, you can find out if you’re making a common mistake while driving, and learn more about best practices for passing your test on your first try. So book driving lessons online with Pass First Go, and get the professional driving instruction you need today.

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