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Can You Book Driving Lessons During COVID-19

Can You Book Driving Lessons During COVID-19 | Pass First Go

If you have your Ls and are working toward your Ps in NSW, VIC, or ACT in Australia, you may be thinking about cancelling your lesson with your driving school, and might be wondering how you’re supposed to get the driving practice you need without lessons from a professional driving instructor.

But don’t act so fast! You can still get lessons from a driving instructor during COVID-19. Even if your instructor or school has stopped offering lessons, there are plenty of other instructors you can find on Pass First Go to get the driving lessons you need.

Getting Lessons From A Driving Instructor Is A Relatively Low-Risk Activity

Most driving instructors come directly to you in a dual-control vehicle, and pick you up so that you can start driving. At most, you will be exposed to one other person while you are getting the driver training you need.

Compared to eating at a restaurant, where you could be exposed to dozens of patrons, staff, and passers-by if you’re eating outside, this makes learner driver lessons a very low-risk activity. Overall, you have little to worry about if you need professional driving instruction in NSW, VIC, or ACT.

What Can I Expect If I Book Driving Lessons During COVID-19?

Your safety is a top priority. There are many different things that driving schools are doing to ensure the safety of students and instructors during driving lessons. These may vary somewhat between each school and instructor, but you can expect a few different things while getting driving lessons during COVID-19.

  • You may need a temperature test – Some driving schools or instructors may use a touchless infrared thermometer to take your temperature. If your temperature is elevated, you may be asked to reschedule the lesson.
  • You’ll need to wear a face mask – You and your instructor will wear face masks. Mask wearing has been shown to be extremely effective at blocking the respiratory droplets that carry COVID-19 and other viruses, so this will ensure your safety.
  • The inside of the car will be sanitised – After each lesson, the driving school or instructor will spray down all of the hard surfaces of the car, focusing on commonly-touched areas like car controls, the steering wheel, gear shifter, and other such areas.
  • Hand sanitiser will be available – You’ll get hand sanitiser before and after you leave the vehicle, which will help keep you and the instructor safe.
  • You may wish to wear gloves – Wearing disposable gloves is an option if you would prefer to avoid directly touching surfaces that others have touched. You may still be asked to put sanitiser on your hands before putting on disposable gloves, however.

These steps help keep you and your instructor safe – ensuring you can worry less about COVID-19 and other infectious diseases, and focus on learning the skills you need to become a great driver.

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At Pass First Go, we work with reputable driving instructors and schools to provide easy online bookings for driving instruction in NSW, ACT, and VIC. If you need to book driving lessons during COVID-19, just click here to visit our website, view instructors, and get the professional driver training you need from our experienced partners.

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