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Best Places To Learn To Drive In Coffs Harbour

Best Places To Learn To Drive In Coffs Harbour | Pass First Go Blog

At Pass First Go, our driving instructors help build better drivers for life, and ensure that your driving skills are up to par so that you can pass your driving test on the first go. But when you’re first learning to drive in Coffs Harbour, you may not be sure where to start.

What are the best places to learn to drive, develop your knowledge of road rules, and build your driving skills in Coffs Harbour? Read on, and find out.

1. Beginner Drivers – Start Out In School Car Parks & Empty Car Parks

If you’ve never sat behind the wheel of a car before, this is definitely the best way to get started. School car parks around Coffs Harbour are usually nearly abandoned during the evenings and on the weekends, so you can find large, empty stretches of open tarmac that will let you become more familiar with the basics of driving.

While driving in a parking lot, you can familiarize yourself with all of the controls of your car, the basics of turning, reversing, and parking, and other such concepts that will be essential when you begin driving on public roads. Once you’re comfortable behind the wheel, it’s time to move on.

2. Intermediate Drivers – Southern Cross University & Western Rural Roads

On the weekends, there is little traffic near Southern Cross University Coffs Harbour Campus, and there are a lot of roads near the area that is not heavily trafficked.

Here, you can get used to stop signs, traffic signals, crosswalks, and other important road elements – without being overwhelmed by excessive traffic.

You may also want to head west of Coffs Harbour on Coramba Rd, and then drive around some of the more rural areas to the west of the city proper. You can even drive out to Karangi and around the rural roads there, where there won’t be much traffic.

3. Advanced Drivers – Drive On The A-1, The Coast, And Near Your Testing Centre

More experienced drivers can get used to driving on highways by taking the A-1 north or south. If you want to get used to driving in difficult conditions (and you’re up for a challenge) you can also drive on the coast near the popular beaches and restaurants of Coffs Harbour.

You also may want to start driving near the Service NSW testing centre on Gordon St. Driving around the test area will make you feel more comfortable and familiar when you eventually take your drive test.

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At Pass First Go, we offer driving lessons all throughout NSW To help learner drivers improve their pass rate, and get their Ps on their first go. Whether you’re a learner driver in need of assistance, or you’re a parent and you want your child to get the best possible driving education in Coffs Harbour, we’re here to help.

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