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Driving Lessons Highgate

Pass First Go helps you find professional and affordable driving instructors in Highgate

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Get Your WA Driving License

Are you ready to learn how to drive? Then, you’ve come to the right place. At Pass First Go, we will connect you with a qualified driving instructor who can meet your specific needs.

Learning and practicing with a certified instructor will maximise your chance to pass your driving exam on the first go. That’s because the instructor will review your driving experience and knowledge and help you improve the exact skills you need to achieve your goal.

Instead of wasting time and money on lessons that don’t work, book your lesson with Pass First Go now. All you have to do is select your area, choose an instructor, and the most convenient time for you. 

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Your first driving lesson with Pass First Go is awaiting you. Sign up now, and start your journey toward getting your driver’s licence! 

Address: Highgate, WA 6003
Nearest Driving Test Location: 2.5 km
Department of Transport City West Perth

Why Book With Pass First Go?

If you want to learn to drive in Highgate, then you should have a look at what Pass First Go has to offer.

No matter what your individual needs are, the right instructor will be available on the platform for you. Our instructors are friendly, patient, and have a variety of teaching methods to suit your learning style. 

Driving Lessons Highgate | Pass First Go Driving Instructors

Pass First Go offers a variety of lesson types to help you pass on the first go. No matter where you are in your driving journey, our trainers will evaluate you during the first lesson to make recommendations on how to improve your performance as a driver. Depending on your level, your lesson package may vary, but can usually consist of the following three types: 


Introductory lessons prepare you for driving on the road. You’ll learn about steering, acceleration, and breaking as well as how to interact with other drivers. After those lessons, you’ll be ready to advance into the next learning phase. 

Topic Focus

Topic Focus is where you can master specific aspects of driving. As a result, you will feel confident navigating roundabout exits or merging into traffic, for example. We focus on what you need to learn so that you can be a safe and competent driver for years to come. 

Test Preparation

We are here to help you pass your driving test by providing you with the right preparation, encouragement, and confidence required. We’ll take into account the knowledge and experience you have right now and practice driving on routes in the Highgate area. 

Signing up for your first lesson with Pass First Go is effortless. Start your driving journey around Highgate! 

What Students Say

"I passed my driving test first attempt thanks to my instructor. I was thoroughly prepared for the driving test within two months of commencing lessons. I would highly recommend anyone looking to get their license to book a lesson."
Best driving school! The trainer is amazing. Very patient and he explains things very clearly. I have had driving instructors in the past who have yelled at me and given me attitude and with Pass First Go my experience is completely the opposite and felt like a safe and comfortable way to learn how to drive.

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