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Driving Lessons Hillside

Pass First Go connects you with professional and affordable driving instructors in Hillside

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Getting Your VIC Driver License

Wanting to learn to drive in Melbourne? The first step is finding a good driving instructor in your suburb to prepare you for the VicRoads driving test!

Our driving lessons get you trained to pass the test on the first go and enjoy the freedom of becoming a driver in Victoria.

Book Driving Lessons in Hillside

Have a look at our pricing and choose a great driving instructor in Hillside to help you! Book 24/7 with our easy to use online booking system.

Benefits of Driving Lessons

Not sure if lessons are right for you? Here are a few reasons why you would benefit from professional driving lessons in your area.

  • Become a safer driver – An experienced driver is a safe driver, so getting professional instruction is a great way to learn more about driving defensively, and making the proper decisions when you’re on the road. We will help you develop a wide variety of skills – from choosing gaps when turning to maintaining the proper distance between your vehicle and other cars, merging onto the highway safely, and much more.
  • Get credit toward your log book – Since driving instructors are full licence holders, learner drivers under the age of 21 can count hours spent on driving instruction toward their log book requirements. As you build your driving skills in Hillside, you can also get closer to your 120-hour logbook requirement.
  • Prepare for your drive test – Taking your driving test can be stressful, and you want to make sure you pass your test on the first go and get your Ps right away. That’s why we highly recommend professional driving instruction.
  • Learn about roads rules in Victoria – Whether you’re a native Australian or you have an overseas licence but need a Victorian driver licence, an experienced driving instructor can help you learn more about the road rules in Victoria. With professional instruction, learner drivers can learn driving mistakes that are common in Victoria, and make sure you drive safely and in accordance with the law.

Why Book With Pass First Go?

Pass Go First connects learner drivers with instructors that are not only going to help them learn how to drive but also teach them the essential manoeuvres and of course road rules needed to pass the test. Our goal is to match you with someone who can teach you to be a confident driver, maintain safe driving techniques, and earn your driver’s licence on your first go.

With us, you’ll get:

With Pass Go First, we supply the most experienced instructors and best driving schools in Hillside for your lessons.

If you’re ready to get started and want to PASS FIRST GO, book your driving lesson with us today!

In just a few minutes, you can book a driving lesson anywhere in Hillside, Melbourne, and the surrounding areas, and get the professional driving instruction you need to feel more safe and confident behind the wheel.


Highly-recommended lessons for our beginner drivers. Get a head start in your driving journey, set expectations, and begin planning on how you want to achieve your driving goals.

Topic Focus

Is there a driving technique you are struggling with? A manoeuvre that you’re too afraid to try? No worries, sometimes all you need is a little bit of help, which our patient, friendly instructors can definitely provide! 

During our focus lessons, our instructors will assess your driving skills and help you to improve and become more confident behind the wheel.

Test Preparation

Whether you’re taking the test for the first time, or have tried and unfortunately not succeeded, our preparation lessons help you master the VicRoads test.

Receive expert advice and tips on how to approach the test, from the common testing routes in your suburb to some of the more tricky requests we know the instructor will ask of you.

With Pass Go First, you get the best chance of getting your driver licence.

What Students Say

"I passed my driving test first attempt thanks to my instructor. I was thoroughly prepared for the driving test within two months of commencing lessons. I would highly recommend anyone looking to get their license to book a lesson."
Best driving school! The trainer is amazing. Very patient and he explains things very clearly. I have had driving instructors in the past who have yelled at me and given me attitude and with Pass First Go my experience is completely the opposite and felt like a safe and comfortable way to learn how to drive.

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